Strumming Some Heartstrings

Saturday, June 27, 2009
school holiday ends at 7:44 PM

Hey guys,
Guess what?
School holiday going to end soon!
Have u done all ur homework??
if nt, try 2 finish it 2morrow, the last day of school.
try finish it by 2 morro cause don't make the boss(mrs vishnu) angry
it was just the first day from the long holiday

Do u guys got the letter from school??
Guess what?!
No assembly!
u guys can chit chat wif our long-last class!

There's good n bad news

the good news is
-we will be meeting our long-lasting class

the bad news is
-prelim n PSLE is comming so, study hard
-get well soon for the ppl who go 2 the effected country, i know u will nt come 2 school for one week

Pls bring ur thermometer n the log book
-ur homework

remember our science trip on thursday

Good luck!
the everlasting class

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Class outing at 4:28 PM

Heyy guys..
u know cynthia asked weather we want 2 make a class outing..

Surely most of u want 2 go rite??

Soo make suggestion on -which day
-which place
-what time

It's your choice..
which have the most voting we pick..
but before that we want suggestion then we do the voting

Post the info on the tagboard
the everlasting class

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Last day of supp. at 8:21 PM

040609, last day of supplementary

Hey guys!
Whatca doing??
This week you did not enjoyed the holiday rite??
We have some other weeks left so u can still enjoy!
Remember to do a study headstart for ur subject..

If u want me to write the homework?
It yes tagg at tagboard ->

Wani :)
the everlasting class


The Chaotic Class


Hey . we are the most everlasting, chaotic class EVER! We are being bought up since we were in primary 5. Our friendship grew bigger and BIGGER . We are together as one . We fight, we cry, we happy, we sad, we excited together. No one can make our class apart.
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Asyiqin 181097
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Adli 051197
Cynthia 161197
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