Strumming Some Heartstrings

Saturday, January 30, 2010
12 february 2010 at 10:53 PM

Hello . Wani here to update classblog . I've change the blogskin cause ppl sae they cnnt see the cbox . How ? The blogskin okay ? Hmps . 12 February want meet ? Meet at admiralty mac after school . Idk when u guys finish school so no fixed time kays ? Those who comming sae at the cbox kays to confirm who going so ltr we wait for the ppl who come kays ?

People confirm comming updated on 30 January :

  • Rachel
  • Cynthia
  • Shanice
  • Yu xuan
  • Wani
  • Ain
  • Jia Le
  • Cher Hao
  • Iklil
  • Zul
the everlasting class

Friday, January 29, 2010
at 10:07 PM

Hey yall!! dis iklil here how come u all never sms me ah?! VERY FEd UP ya KNOW. Any ways just sms me lah how u all doin. Maharan is the only malay girl dat go tecnical(ps iknow u will hate maharan hehehe). Lets see wat can i type about.....

ahhhh wait no.Ahh sook ching and yu xuan fight.dunno y but yeh dunno y. Is anybody else reading dis or at least updating it cause its boring for me to write only. how about rachel or wani or cynthia or germin or shanice or(the naging ain) i dont know else.lets see hfgggrghjhfgjfgiuerh. sori dont know wat else to write. iam sleepy. I wonder wat happen to facrhudin? Hope so he get lost in a desert or jungle or antartica or he became the monkey he was born to be or triped over a bug. HAHAHA. Iam so evil ok bye. WAIT wat evr u do not look at the ceiling or behind u cause some one is about to kill u. MWAhahaha.
the everlasting class

Friday, January 15, 2010
iklil here at 1:21 PM

Hello fellow 6mians!!! Its ur irritating friend iklil aka mangkok. so wat school u all go u gotta sms me. 91455597. The first person to sms me might win money(definitely not).Me,zul,jiale,max,wani,asyiqin and our favourite veggie boy edward,are at at admiralty. Cmon at least somebody else update lah boring sia. lets see wat else? oh yeah adli go yishun sec,ameir woodlands sec,nobody cares about fakhrudin(hehehe),maharan tepi sungai (riverside) sec,asraf is christ church, ain i think with maharan(guess wat im thinking) and... oh yeah ma bro still in greenwood. ahhhh good times good times.Well see ya!!!
the everlasting class


The Chaotic Class


Hey . we are the most everlasting, chaotic class EVER! We are being bought up since we were in primary 5. Our friendship grew bigger and BIGGER . We are together as one . We fight, we cry, we happy, we sad, we excited together. No one can make our class apart.
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Jia Le 290197


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Max 020497
Pranav 230497

YuXuan 070597
Rachel 220597
Sean 230597

Mrs Vishnu 160679
Bjorn 120697

Marcus 120797
Nadiyana 120797
Goh Yi Ting 190797

Jerome 190897
Zul 220897
Germin 240897
KaiSiang 150897

Ain 050997
Wani 170997
Mabel 280997
Maharan 230997
Crystal 230997
Edward 030997

Asyiqin 181097
Shanice 301097

Adli 051197
Cynthia 161197
Cedrick 231197

Cher Hao 041297
Iklil 091297
Jennifer 101297
Fahkrudin 211297
Atiqah 271297
Sook Ching 311297


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