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Thursday, September 17, 2009
170909 at 6:41 PM

Hey guys !
Just post here 2 wih GOOD LUCK A PSLE LC 2MORROW !
ouh ya , 2day is wani's birthday rite ?
230997 is crystal n maharan birthday !
200909 is hari raya so wishing all the muslim SELAMAT HARI RAYA !
Make sure do finish all the homework :)
Next friday hari raya concert so maybe we will be missing 4 some periods .
Thank you 4 some of you that clean up the classroom just nw .
Our class is being use by 6A , 6A + 6B + 6C + 6D malay pupils.
Our chinese pupils will be using 5E classroom (think so )
Our malay pupils will be using 6F classroom (think so )
Our english grouping at 5E n 5D .
For pupils taking enlish oral at 5E so lucky cause 6 ppl onli :)
(sharul surrounded by girls)
Happy holidays 4 saturday till monday .
Remember nt 2 go 2 school on monday bt on tuesday then come.
the everlasting class

Friday, September 11, 2009
check out! at 1:44 PM

Hey ppl!
PSLE LC is comming next week !
PSLE papers starts on 7 october 2 12october !
Hmm... 2 cool u guys down, check out this few youtube videos!

(KFC bangala prank call)
(No Pork RK house)
(kopitiam funny prank-With english subtitles)
(RK house No PORK!! - Maple Story version)
(Very Funny Pepsi Commercial)
(Funny Pepsi Advert 2 (Commercial))
(funny pepsi commercial)
the everlasting class

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Teachers day celebration at 4:41 PM

our class blog is dead rite ?
be 4 i forget, happy belated birthday 2 all august babies !
remenber rite?
today is teacher's day .
yesterday is teacher's day celebreation + aces day .
Fun or nt ?
yesterday surprise present 4 teacher was FUN rite ?
some of you guys shouldn't let techer get mad rite ?
030997 is edward's birthday !
050997 is ain's birthday !
Happy birthday you guys in advance !
maths group 5 pupils caught an class photo .
how bout the rest ?
better get an photo soon !
Sorry no photo cause my com gt prob .
maybe next time !

on the previos day, some of u guys got this letter rite :
please come as early as possible tomorrow for preparation for the teachers day celebration .
not too early though, so please spread to all 6M students ; THANKS!

massage written by cynthia :)
the everlasting class


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